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Forecast - General Motors

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Below here is some information I have in regards to a Decision Tree Analysis as well as a Time Series - You can see this below ... How can I find General Motors (GM) information to relate to these 2 sections? How can I expand on what I'm trying to explain below w/ GM information?

II Decision tree analysis is attempted to enumerate various possible combinations of events that culminate in the formation of demand and the probabilities of the various events occurring.
A decision tree is a graph of decisions and their possible consequences, (including resource costs and risks) used to create a plan to reach a goal. Decision trees are constructed in order to help with making decisions. It can be used in estimation of demand. The Delphi Technique is a form of evaluation. Most often this technique is used for forecasting future events or products.

III Time series
Time series is one of the quantitative methods we use to determine patterns in data collected over time. Time series analysis is used to detect pattern of change in statistical information over regular intervals of time. We project these patterns to arrive at estimate for the future. Thus times series helps us cope with uncertainty about the future.

How regular and lasting were the past trends? What are the chances of these patterns are changing.
How accurate is the historical date that we use in time series?
It can be used in estimating seasonal demand, secular growth in demand its products

An indicator is anything that can be used to predict future financial or economic trends. Popular indicators include unemployment rates, housing starts, inflationary indexes, S&P 500 and consumer confidence. These are the leading indicators. Leading indexes are designed to turn a few quarters ahead of coincident indexes that describe current economic activity whereas the index of lagging indicators, a measure of past economic performance. There will be less growth in housing indicating less growth in economy and to the General Motors.

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