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    OLS Regression Analysis

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    Each row in the table below with a variable name has a missing value. Knowing
    that [(n-1)/(n-k-1)] = 1.150819, find them (a)-(f) and show your work.

    You are looking at the relationship between rates of coronary heart disease and abunch of independent variables. You run a regression in GRETL and get this output:
    Model 1: OLS estimates using the 34 observations 1947-1980
    Dependent variable: coronary heart disease (chd)

    Coefficient Std. Error t-ratio
    constant 353.069 (a) 2.7027
    calories -200.117 79.5741 (b)
    Unemployment -0.490294 1.59299 (c)
    cigarettes 14.7287 (d) 2.6450
    meat 0.473788 0.240788 (e)

    Mean dependent var 354.8147 S.D. dependent var 14.94605
    Sum squared resid 3164.641 S.E. of regression 10.63122
    R-squared 0.570703 Adjusted R-squared (f)

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    We have,
    t-ratio = Coefficient/Std.error
    Adjusted R-squared = 1 - ( 1 - R-squared)[(n-1)/(n-k-1)]
    For ...

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