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    Consummate and Calculated Risk

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    The United States is known for its consummate "risk-takers". Research the concept of "calculated risk" at this web site (http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/ ) or any others, and address the following:

    ? Describe an example of risk calculation found on the web.

    ? What risk calculation technique is illustrated by your example?

    ? Would you have employed a different risk assessment technique than
    used in your example, and why?

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    Calculated risk can be described as a chance which is taken to do something. It either returns a positive or negative impact which is carefully weighted. This is carried out in order for businesses activities to be expanded and also enter into new business competitions. Calculated risk helps to work around circumstances that may seem to be a problem but does not solve the problem entirely. It is a process that allows one to predict on the future progress of their business by simply giving them an overview of what to expect. It however does not necessarily give a person the guarantee that in the long run things will be smooth, it may happen to the contrary of the expectations (Calculated Risk, n.d.).

    Description of Risk Calculation:

    This example describes the risk assessment or calculation of placements of the manufactured homes that were released by the census bureau for the year 2011. It tends to explain how homes hit a record low after taking risks. In this case, the record lows had never been experienced in the latter ages. It is such that, the total housing completions and house placements that had been manufactured hit a record low than in the previous years since the early years indicate that the number of households that were being occupied were high compared to the current situation. It is such that, the household formation is regarded as a ...

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