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    Differing views on the causes of and solution to poverty

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    Describe how conservatives, liberals and radicals explain the causes of and solutions to poverty. what evidence do they use to support their view?

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    For your essay, I suggest you first build on outline. Your introduction should mention each of view, and conclude with a statement on how their views of poverty are quite different. This will lead into a discussion of how each of them differs.

    Conservatives view poverty as a necessary evil because of human nature. While they may have compassion on the poor, they do not feel that it is their job, or the government's, to alleviate it completely. Wealth is a reward, and needs to be given only to those who earn it by working hard. Conservatives like the idea of "teaching a man to fish" instead of just giving handouts. They believe welfare encourages poverty as discussed in "Losing Ground" by Charles Murray. He describes how basing welfare on the number of children in a home resulted in a generation of children born into poverty because their mothers just wanted to stay on the welfare rolls. Programs like job training and ...

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    Conservative, liberal, and radical views on the causes of and solution to poverty.