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    Computing the value of baseball players

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    University of Texas at Arlington professors Craig A. Depken II and Dennis P. Wilson have studied the pay of baseball players and discovered the following relationship between each play and team revenue (values adjusted for inflation):

    Play Change in Team Revenue
    Home run $406,143
    Offensive walk $71,602
    Hit $36,911
    Strikeouts $-71,602

    a. Assuming the relationships hold true and given performance below, what salary would you estimate for each player in 2006?

    Player 2006 Salary Hits Home Runs Walks Strikeouts
    Alex Rodriguez $22 million 166 35 8 139
    Barry Bonds $19 million 99 26 38 51
    Jeff Ken $9.4 million 119 14 0 69

    b. If the pay of these players is higher than their marginal revenue products, how can you explain that?

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    a. See the attached file. The Marginal Revenue Product (MRP) of the players is their estimated salary based on the given ...

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    Based on research by two university professors, the question of whether selected baseball players' salaries are commesurate with their value to their teams is addressed.