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    Wind Turbine: Annual Cost

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    For me to better understand the capital and operation and maintenance (O&M) costs involved in installing 2 possible wind farms and the operating lifetimes, please provide the following information;

    A) Calculate the predicted annual output, in MWh per year, for each site A & B shown in table 1(Attached);

    B) In both cases, the capital cost is to be repaid over the estimated lifetime, at a discount rate of 10%

    The annual capital repayment for site A = £110 and Site B = £117

    Annual operating and maintenance (O&M) costs are in both cases equal to the given percentages of the total capital cost. Add these to give the total annual cost for each turbine.

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    Step 1
    The predicted annual output in MWh per year is the rated output multiplied by the predicted capacity factor. The capacity factor of a power plant is the ratio of its actual output over a period of time to its potential output if it were possible for it to operate at full nameplate capacity continuously over the same period of time.
    The predicted output for site A:
    6.0 MW = 6.0 MW ...

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