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Environmental Policy Program Effectiveness

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Imagine that you are the "sustainability guru" for the world. Identify the three most important features of your policies for using and managing
a. Forests
b. Grasslands
c. Nature reserves, parks and wildlife refuges
d. Biological hotspots
e. Areas with deteriorating ecosystems

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Sustainability policy features
Here is the question that I need to answer. Let me be clear that I do not need someone to write the essay for me. I need ideas for each area and sources to do the research if posible.
Imagine that you are the "sustainability guru" for the world. Identify the three most important features of your policies for using and managing

a. Forests - U.S. Forestry Department- Sustainable leadership

Describe the Federal agency responsible to manage Forest

What programs are used ...

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Discussion of Environmental policies and best management practices used to manage specific ecosystems towards sustainability.

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