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    Threats to Farmlands and the Conversion of Natural Landscapes

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    A. What was the greatest threat to U.S. farmlands in the 1930s? What was done to alleviate the threat? What is currently the greatest farmland threat, and what can be done to alleviate it?

    b. What happens when forests or grasslands are converted to farmlands? Please discuss, in terms of environmental spheres

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    a. US farmlands were threatened by severe drought in the 1930s. This, exacerbated by the use of sub par farmland, resulted in massive erosion. When the U.S. economy went into the Great Depression in the late 1920s, many farmers tried to plant on submarginal acres or plant different crops, often not suited to the Great Plains, which would bring better prices. When the crops failed, the soil is exposed to the elements. High winds accompanying the drought ...

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    Threats to farmlands, conversion of forests and grasslands to farmland.