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Environmental assessment of soil, air, and water

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The onus is on the world community to establish a paradigm for soil preservation as the entire globe's soil solvency is jeopardized by the practices that are engaged in with industrialized cultivation of the land using wide scale pesticides and other soil killing tactics. Therefore, focusing on this global issue is an extremely important problem that is plaguing the globe and threatening global food security as plants and vegetables rely on good soil for growth. Furthermore discuss environmental issues such as soil, air, and water and how they are all compromised because of human activity. The most vital essentials for life are soil, air, and water because without soil there can be no life, it represents the quintessential basis for the communal lifestyle that humans now rely upon as the hunter and gatherer lifestyle that was previously used during the stone ages isn't applicable any longer as a result of human's hunting most of the game that sustained this type of lifestyle. Therefore, the impetus for environmental change is here, and must revolve around these vital areas. Discuss all these issues

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With this pursuit, the world must collaborate and participate in community activism, political activism, and other collaborative actions that will facilitate a change against the current use of corporate cronyism to pursue dangerous environmental policies that are placing soil at risk. Soils are consistently being eradicated or damaged because of the industrial practices that have been used since the "Green revolution" beginning in the 1940s, which in actuality wasn't a "green revolution" because of all the chemically dependent tools used to initiate the revolution. Although this new paradigm in farming and soil cultivation assisted in providing a temporary improvement for food cultivation for tens of millions of people, the caveat is that it has immensely damaged these same communities and people far more than it has helped them.

The revolution has been heavily subsidized by global corporations such as Monsanto, which was the same company responsible for such pesticides ...

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This is an additional review of the current issue of soil eradication across the globe.