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    Geologic Time

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    Research one of the Periods in the Mesozoic and research one of the Periods in the Palaeozoic. Discuss when and why it occurred and describe three unique events that happened during that time.

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    Geologic Time

    What is Geologic time? According to Geology.com (2013) it is the way that, "Geologists have divided Earth's history into a series of time intervals. These time intervals are not equal in length like the hours in a day. Instead the time intervals are variable in length. This is because geologic time is divided using significant events in the history of the Earth." It encompasses thus currently known history and events that have have shaped the planet so far as science and man has progressed into the study of the subject. The largest division are known as eons (i.e. Phanerozoic) which are divided into eras (i.e. Mesozoic), then periods (i.e. Cambrian) which are then divided into epoch (i.e. Pleistocene). For a full Geologic Time Scale, you can visit this link - ...

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