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Land Use Management

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Think of a metropolitan area as a circle.

a. What happens to the area within the circle as the circle's radius doubles? Triples? What happens if the radius grows to four times its original length?

b. Now imagine a circle with a 3-mile radius to be a hypothetical metropolitan area with relatively little undeveloped land inside. If the radius of this hypothetical metropolitan area is extended to 10 miles, how much land is added to the original developed area? (Note: Use 3.1416 as the value of π in your formula for the area of your circle. There are 640 acres in a square mile.)

c. What does this exercise suggest to you in terms of land use management challenges facing your reference jurisdiction? You may use as the center of your circle the center of the metropolitan area nearest to your reference jurisdiction or the nearest edge city or major employment center. Do indicate, however, what your "center" is.

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