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    Alternative Energy Solutions and Barriers to Implementation

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    In Contemporary Environmental Issues, there is concern about us reaching a peak in oil production. What two alternatives to oil that are currently available and what barriers keep these alternatives from replacing oil as our primary means of energy? Additionally, what two sources, discuss the role that government plays in ensuring a transition to such alternatives in a post peak-oil world?

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    Private industry and consumer practices largely dictate energy use. At projected rates of use, the world's petroleum and natural gas reserves will cease to exist in a little more than a century. Experts disagree but in general estimate that oil production will peak between 2010 and 2040.
    Using hydrogen to replace gasoline or other fuels hold promise, but any "hydrogen economy" will likely depend on renewable energy sources to produce hydrogen in the first place; at some point it will become cheaper to produce hydrogen from renewable sources than from ...

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    Comparison of environmental issues and barriers for alternatives to oil, including government impact and role during transition.