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    Costs of Watershed Assessment

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    Golden Olives is a 7000 watershed. The problem is that Golden Olives discharges an excess of 1000 more pounds of nitrogen into its river than it can handle, with serious eutrophication which adversely affects fishing and swimming. The businesses, the county, and the home owners all point fingers to each other as being responsible.

    Task: What task do you believe will cost the most money in addressing this problem?

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    The equipment necessary for lab analysis of of nitrogen is likely going to be one of the larger expenses. This type of equipment is rarely cheap if you want to reduce uncertainty and over a two-year period, lab analysis can be very expensive. Overall, water and soil samples are very expensive to analyze. For instance, costs range from ...

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    This solution describes the costs involved with handling an excess of nitrogen in a river, including what task will be the most costly, and what aspects need to be considered in looking at the costs (i.e. what type of equipment is required for tasks).