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Education, Literacy, and GDP

Choose 3 countries in this region; one from the Maghred region, one from the Eastern Mediteranean Crescent and one oil rich state. Provide the following information for each state. Literacy/Education levels among males and females Education levels male and female GDP What is the correlation between the provided statistics and the overall economic development of that state. What determination can you make about the impact of women's education as an influence on the overall progress of a state.

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Here is some information:
Maghreb region: Morocco
Eastern Mediterranean: Greece
Oil rich state: Iran

Literacy Level among Males and Females:
Morocco: 87, 72%
Greece: 98.2, 95.9%
Iran: 89.2, 80.6%

Education Level:
Morocco: 3% of women and 6% of men go on to postsecondary education. 48% of women and 23% of men have no education. (see here for more detail: ...

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This page discusses the educational and literacy attainments among men and women in Morocco, Greece, and Iran. I also examine how these rates relate to GDP.