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    Occurrences and Expected Results of Aquatic Insect Diversity

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    Question: List three attributes or occurrences (can be physical such as slope, width, etc, or chemical, climatic, or otherwise) for which you can expect the described result.
    For Example, if given:
    Increased stream temperature, possible answers are:
    a. Increase in average or maximum daily air temperature.
    b. Discharge of a high temperature waste into the stream.
    c. Decrease in the depth of the stream in a warm region.

    1. Decline in aquatic insect diversity
    a. _______________________________________
    b. _______________________________________
    c. _______________________________________

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    1. Decline in aquatic insect diversity could result from:
    a. Increased input of nutrients.
    - Decline in water velocity, rapid moving water contained in riffles tends to have higher diversity than ...

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    This solution provides three factors that contribute to the decline in aquatic insect diversity, enclosed with brief explanations of their effects.