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    Locally Produced Food, Agriculture, and Global Food Trade

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    1. What types of produce are grown in your state (Florida)?
    2. What produce does your state trade to other countries or other states?
    3. How important is trade between states?
    4. How important is global food trade?
    5. Would the U.S. survive without global food trade?
    6. How does food trade impact the economy?
    7. What types of goods OTHER THAN AGRICULTURAL products does the United States import and export the most?

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    Florida produces citrus, sugarcane, a variety of fruits and vegetables, followed by cotton, hay, corn, tobacco, soybeans, and wheat. Florida leads the nation in the production of watermelons. See http://www.fas.usda.gov/htp2/circular/1997/97-08/fcoj897.htm

    Florida's main agricultural export is citrus. This situation is complicated by the fact that foreigners are now purchasing citrus production facilities in Florida.

    Florida imports grain products, wine, and everything else that doesn't grow well in Florida.

    This web site:
    will show you the agricultural import and exports values. As you can see, the U.S. both imports and exports a large and growing amount of food. Our primary exports are corn, soy, cotton, and wheat. The U.S. imports ...

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    Agriculture and global food trade. Interstate trade in the US and its importance to the economy.