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Advantages of Organic Food

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Can you explain the postive and negative effects that if I ate only organic food would have on my local environment and from a national and global perspective.

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There are increasing concerns about food safety and the fact that many processed foods are made from genetically modified products. Organically grown foods are grown on land that has been free from chemicals for a minimum of three years. They are grown with very limited, if any, use of pesticides or fertilizers. They are processed and packaged without the use of artificial preservatives, colorings, irradiation or any other additives, and the market for them is expanding rapidly.

Organic food production does help the environment by eliminating pesticide and chemical run-off. This is especially an issue for nitrogen, which creates algal blooms when it contaminants water, killing marine life. Organic farming creates richer, more sustainable soil through the use of cover crops, diverse crop rotations ...

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Advantages of organic food to the local, national, and global environments.