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What are news values and how are they constructed and selected?

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Consider the political-economic and organizational constraints on the content and coverage. How are "news values" constructed and selected? How are gendered, racialized or 'other groups represented in news?

This research paper should pursue an argument. I am not clear how to approach an argumentative essay. For this topic, which multiple perspectives could I consider in order to situate my own position??Which aspects could I argue about?What could my thesis focus on? (agenda setting and gatekeeping?)
and talk about ideology bias? pubic/private broadcasting?profits/cuts?
What is the "news value"

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This question relates to an argumentative essay relating to new values and how they replate to the political process.

The solution includes tips and suggestions for references/sources, as well as essay ideas.

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An argumentative essay requires you as the writer to choose a specific position on the topic and then provide, clear, specific and detailed information in order to support your position.
<br>"News Values" in Broadcasting deals with the concept of how a specific broadcasting group, either public or non-public presents the story by incorporating their own ...

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