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    Charlie Chaplin's film

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    How does the economic and political environment of 1936 United State, effect the creation of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times? Use Charles J. Maland's The Depression, Technology and the Tramp to illustrate your answers.

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    In sum, this film cleverly and deliberately uses comedy to articulate the significant physical, emotional and psychological effects, as well as economic, political, and social ramifications that emerged in the aftermath of the Great Depression in America.

    First, economically, the film exposes how mass unemployment resulted in our country, despite the industrial automation's proliferation. Economic hardships during this era were clearly revealed via the fact that the protagonist wanted to actually return to prison for better conditions and food when he and the Gamin were starving and suffering.

    Next, major corruption within America's business and workplaces during this time is starkly exemplified; the film also conveys how this stress and unfairness toward workers caused intense emotional, physical and psychological effects on citizens. To illustrate, the protagonist depicts how he is merely a number, nameless, and largely invisible, within an array of diverse workplaces ...

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    500 words briefly validate some ways in which Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times film offers social, economic, political, and emotional, and physical ramifications of life after the Great Depression in America.