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    Pan's Labyrinth and Lost in Translation

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    Why is the color important to a film? Choose two films (Pan's Labyrinth and Lost in Translation) and discuss how filmmakers used color to support and expand on the theme.

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    In general, you might infer how the use of color is extremely important to a film in order to firmly establish mood, develop plot and characters, assert a sense of style, depict conflicts, and convey symbolism, to name a few.

    Similarly, color plays a vital role in Lost in Translation in both overall character and plot development. To illustrate, the opening sequence is a prime example as it immediately establishes Bob's overwhelming sensory overload: he is bombarded with a pervasive sense of cultural, social, and emotional alienation upon his initial arrival to exotic, bustling Tokyo. The mixture of vibrant colors establishes the foreign setting, and the flashing colors further signify ...

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    400 words of personal notes briefly discuss the use of color and the impacts on characters, conflicts, themes, plot, and mood, and setting in both Pan's Labyrinth and Lost in Translation, two amazing films with such depth and aesthetic appeal.