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Java Code and Principles of Inheritence

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Described below are three classes, Building, Hotel and Home with their respective attributes:
Building: no_of_floors, age, parking_space, size
Hotel: number_of_guests, number_of_rooms, vacancy, no_of_floors, age, parking_space, size
Home: No_of_bedrooms, no_of_occupants, finished_basement, no_of_floors, parking_space, age, size

Questions 1 through 5 are based on the classes described above:

1. Write a declaration for all three classes using the principles of inheritence. Make the Building class abstract
2. Which of the following statements is incorrect:
a. Hotel h = new Hotel();
b. Home m = new Home();
c. Building b = new Building();

3. Do Hotel and Building have an "Is A" relationship or "Has A" relationship?

4. Which of the following is true:
a. Hotel and Home are subclasses of Building
b. Hotel is a subclass of Building, Home is a subclass of Hotel.
c. Home, Hotel and Building are independent classes
d. Hotel and Home are containment classes of Building

5. If Hotel were a subclass of Building, how would you access the size attribute of Building:
a. Hotel h = new Hotel();
h.new Building();
h.size = 5;

b. Hotel h = new Hotel();
h.Building.size = 5;

c. Hotel h = new Hotel();

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Solution Summary

The solution discusses the java code and principles of inheritence.

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This problem deals with the concept of inheritance, the capacity of a class to use the properties (variables) and methods (procedures) of another class. I used the following website as a reminder and example of how inheritance works.


The problem states as follows (restated and reformatted for readability):

Described below are three classes, Building, Hotel and Home with their respective attributes:

You will notice that the last four properties for Home and Hotel are the same as those found in Building. That is because Hotel and Home are buildings themselves. Rather than to define the properties in Hotel and Home separately, a programmer can include them using inheritance. It is less work to do so at the beginning of the program design stage, and allows for easy modification later. If a new property of Building is created that applies to all buildings (such as color or inspection history), it is better to add it as a property of building, rather than to add it separately to every different type of building. In this case, there are only Hotels and Homes, but there would be many other ...

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