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Rudimentary NMS

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Briefly describe rudimentary NMS (network management system) software components and the software applications that are required to support a network system. Address the following issues:

1. Explain the steps for building a rudimentary management system.

2. Describe the basic code concepts for building a rudimentary network manager. Please cite used reference(s).

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1. To build a rudimentary management system, the minimum components of a network management system must be identified. These components are the SNMP manager, the Management Information Bases (MIBs), the Database, and the SNMP agent. The main component to be built is the SNMP manager. The SNMP must be configured in the network operating system, such as Windows NT. SNMP Service is normally installed together with the OS, but in case it is not yet installed, it can be added through Control Panel and inserting the installation disc again for the added service. Visual C++ program must also be ...

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