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    WAN/WLAN & Wireless Technologies

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    1. Explain in at least two different ways to secure a WLAN. What are the ramifications if a WLAN is breached?

    2. Discuss four different types of wireless technologies.
    - Describe the characteristics and properties of each signal type, and how each can be used.
    - Include a table or matrix that compares properties of the four signal types.
    - Provide a hypothetical situation for each signal type that illustrates how it could be, or is being, used in a WAN. In what circumstance, for example, would a company choose to use a satellite signal?

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    This solution compares broadcast radio, infrared transmission, microwave communication and satellite communication in terms of frequency range, transmission coverage, mode of transmission and applications. This solution also discusses securing a WLAN. This solution is 960 words.