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    Graphs and B-Tree

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    1.Show a path through the graph in Figure 1 starting at node A (see attachment).

    a. Using breadth-first traversal.

    b. Using depth-first traversal.

    2. Perform the listed actions on the B-tree shown in Figure 2. Please depict the B-tree both when the value has been added/removed and after any excessively small/large nodes have been fixed. (10 pts)

    a. Insert 26.

    b. Remove 3 and then 10.

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    Problem #1
    (a) Using BFS, we have the following path.
    A DB EC GF I
    (b) Using DFS, we have the following path
    A ...

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    This solution uses breadth-first traversal and depth-first traversal to determine a path diagram for the nodes and also predicts changes to the B-tree.