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MySQL SELECT Statements

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Write SELECT statements for the following questions. Make sure to include the statement execution, including the resulting data.

Display all columns and all rows from the Employees table.
9 rows returned
Display the regionid, regiondescription for all rows in the Regions table.
4 rows returned
Modify query 2 so that the column headings are as follows:
"ID" and "Description"
4 rows returned
Display the customer ID, customer name, and region for all customers.
91 rows returned
Display the customer ID, customer name, and region for all customers.
Name the columns "ID," "Name," and "Region" (respectively), and sort the data by the company name.
91 rows returned

So far from my experience this is what I have come up for as what a Select Statement sort of contains, I could be wrong.

The syntax would be SELECT [column] FROM [table]
So let's say I was selecting a column called "Birthday" from a table named "People" , it would be :
SELECT Birthday
FROM People
with multiple columns, you need to use a comma
SELECT, first_name, Birthday
FROM People

Now I just need to put that knowledge to solve the 5 statements above, can anyone help me with this please ?

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The syntax for your select statement is correct. If you want to return all the columns and all the rows you can use the syntax:

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