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Irish Football League: Working with Excel

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Practice 1

Insert the following table into Sheet1 of an Excel spreadsheet, keeping the cell references consistent. ( The Sheet is already created in the second file)
2 Irish Football League Round 3 (Soccer)
4 Home Team Goals Points Total Score Away Team Goals Points Total Score Winner
5 Clare 2 12 vs Kerry 3 11
6 Cork 2 13 vs Limerick 1 12
7 Roscommon 0 12 vs Sligo 1 15
8 Meath 1 20 vs Derry 2 12
9 Down 1 10 vs Dublin 0 14
10 Totals
12 Home Team Name Score
1. Rename Sheet 1 as Results. Color the tab Blue.
2. Merge and center cells A2:J2. Font: Algerian, Size: 16
3. Bold Titles in Row 4 and Row 12. Bold Totals in cell A10.
4. Place a double line border around every cell in the table. Place your name as a comment in cell A2.
5. Center all columns except column A and column F
6. Change the format of the cell A5 to Blue Font with a Light Green Background
7. Calculate the following
a. Total Score for both teams (3 points for every goal), include points
b. Totals - A total of all the goals and points scored
8. In the winner column, insert a formula that will show the winner (showing either Home or Away based on whichever of the two teams Total Score is larger).
9. Sort the table in alphabetical order of Home Team.
10. Insert a clipart image to the right of the table.
11. Graph the Home Team and their corresponding Total Score. Use a column chart and ensure that there are data labels on the chart. Place the graph under the table.
12. Insert a formula (use VLOOKUP) in cell B13, so that the Total Score of the Home Team will appear once the user types the team name in cell A13.
13. Change Page Setup to Landscape, with all Margins set to 0.5 inch.

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An Isish Football Leagues statistics is examined using Excel.

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Irish Football League Round 3 (Soccer)

Home Team Goals Points Total Score Away ...

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