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Effective Usage of Computers and Software

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How would you like to see computers and software used to better our society (our immediate community, our country, or our world community)?

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Computers and software can be effectively used to better our society in terms of providing knowledge, information and ability to ...

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Discusses use of computers and software for betterment of society.

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Create Alternative Design

Create two alternative design strategies for a new system that has been proposed.

The owner of two ice-cream parlors wants to computerize and integrate sales transactions and inventory management within each parlor and between both parlors. The systems at each parlor should be connected to each other so that the owner can determine the inventory levels for each parlor and for both parlors combined. The owner can allocate $60,000 for hardware and $30,000 for software. The owner's requirements are that each system should be fast and easy to use, should require minimal training, and should be operational within 4 months from project initiation.

Describe two alternative design strategies, and explain how each would meet the owner's requirements. What are the constraints in this situation?

Write your answers in 3"4 pages in a Word document.

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