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Creating Line Chart Interpretations

Cal Rubine, chair of the Theatre Arts Division at Niagara Peninsula College, has asked you to create charts from the grades analysis report to present at a divisional meeting. After reviewing the grades, you decide to create a line chart depicting the grades for all of the courses and a pie chart summarizing the total grades.
1. Create a line chart in its own sheet that will display the A+ through F grades for each course. Include an appropriate chart title. You determine what other chart elements to include that will make the chart easy to interpret.
2. Create a 3-d pie chart that will display the total of each grade as a percentage of 100. (Hint: Select the ranges B4:G4 and B12:G12 before starting the Chart Wizard.) Include an appropriate chart title. Place the pie at the bottom of the Grades worksheet starting in Row 14.
3. Resize the chart to extend its width to the right edge of column H and the height to the bottom boundary of row 30.
4. Draw an arrow pointing to the F slice in the pie chart. Create a text box at the end of the arrow containing the text Lowest attrition since 1997!
5. If necessary, resize the arrow and text box.
6. Changes the font color of the text inside the text box to Red.
7. Change the line color of the border of the text box to Blue.

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