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Reasons for switching to ipv6 from ipv4

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1) What is the status of IPv6 now?
2) When will it completely replace IPv4?
3) Why can't IPv6 completely replace IPv4 now?

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The expert examines the reasons for switching to ipv6 from ipv4.

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Every computer has a unique "finger print" or an address. When in network and linked to other computers, a computer is identified by its distinctive address. This is known as the internet protocol address or the IP address. Karanjit S. (1997) shows that these computer identifications are being published when a computer sends a data packet to another computer. Communications between each of the linked machines exchange address information.

Try this exercise quickly to identify the IP address of your machine. Go to the root menu of a computer and type in the following command "ipconfig". The result will show you the subnet mask, gateway and ...

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