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    ASCII (Amer Standard code for Info Interchange)

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    Please explain the binary code. I am not understanding quite how to solve the problems below. Thanks.

    Provide an ASCII 'translation' in binary code of:

    a CIS319

    b My name: Yvette

    For "CIS319" change selected "0" to "1" in the seven bit "0000000" ASCII layouts below to represent CIS 319:

    The value for 'C" has been completed.

    Character = Decimal = Binary

    C = 67 = 1000011

    I = n = 0000000

    S = n = 0000000

    3 = n = 0000000

    1 = n = 0000000

    9 = n = 0000000

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    Every character is on the keyboard is assigned a unique decimal number called ASCII code. A complete list of ASCII codes can be found at ...

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    The Amer Standard code for info interchanges are examined.