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System Calls Cls and Clear

Use the function call system ("cls") or system (clear") so that the screan is clear on the begining of the pogram
What happend when the output is redirected
In file heads_or_tails.h:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#define MAXWORLD 100
int get_call-from user(void)
void paly (int how_many);
void prn_final_report(int win, int lose, int how_many);
void prn_instruction(void);
void report_a_win(int coin);
void report_a_loss(int coin);
int toss(void);
I need to input the function clear on the begining of the program to make it clear

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#include <stdlib.h>

int system(const char *command);

The system() function passes the string pointed to by command to the host environment to be executed by a command processor in an implementation-dependent manner. For example, in Dos you issue ...

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Understanding of the System Calls Cls and Clear