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Major Trends in the Foreign Exchange Market

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Review the following article :

Using what you have learned from this article, describe what the major trends are driving the growing strength, scope, and depth of the foreign exchange market. Make sure to use an example to support your answer.

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This solution describes the major trends that are driving the growing strength, scope, and depth of the foreign exchange market. It provides support and APA formatted references.

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The major trends driving the growing strength, scope and depth of the foreign exchange market includes the addition of new players. These are traders, often managing insurance and pension funds, or even just clever investors who read "forex" tips on the Internet and decide they can do well. This is driven in part by the world being "flatter" and also by the interconnectivity available through increased speeds of the Internet. Another factor is the increased number of exchanges, also due to technological advances. These include FX Connect, CME, and LMAX Exchange but there is a wide number of players involved in exchanges, so many that companies like Market Factory offer a FX Aggregator, which offers traders over "50 foreign exchange venues" (Market Factory, 2014). The ...

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