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Investing in Foreign Exchange Markets

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I found a Foreign Exchange (FX) table from an Internet source (please see the attached document). I need help reviewing this table. I need to write a one page report on where I would put $50,000 US today to get the the greatest return on the FX markets over the next 90 days.

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Your table of FX rates from OANDA site is a good introductory table but will not help you much to make the decision to invest. The decision to invest in FX is conditioned by many factors, including: (1) investing in currencies of growing economies with relative political and price stability; (2) investing in low risk currencies, especially those where stocks and bonds offer high rate of return; (3) rise in interest rates resulting in currency appreciation but also inflation; and (4) economic reforms in developing countries, among ...

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This response determines where one should invest $50,000 in the Foreign Exchange market.