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    security mechanisms related to server-side software

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    Search the Internet to find server-side software that is required to be installed on the hospital's servers to support access by your local hospital doctors to patients' information using their cellular phones or PDAs. Describe the benefits of server-side software and how it provides mobile users with access to certain types of communications and information. Describe the security mechanisms related to server-side software (ex., AES or Triple DES encryption).

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    The patient's information holds very critical information about the patient's diagnosis history since the time patient has been admitted to the hospital. This information is not just the personal detail of the patient, but more importantly, tells about the drugs given to the patient and on going diagnosis recorded in the hospital system. This is widely known as "data synchronization". The client-side and the server-side software has to be highly adaptive and efficient in a scalable range in order serve the up-to-date information send to the ...

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    This job examines security mechanisms related to server-side software.