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    An example of basic html formatting elements

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    Prepare an HTML document using Microsoft® Notepad, focusing on a concept relevant to this course. Begin by choosing a topic of interest. Brainstorm or outline important concepts related to the chosen topic. Structure your Web page to incorporate the following HTML elements:

    Please put both the HTML tag and the topic combined.

    Topic: Should L.A Lakers trade Kobe Bryant?

    You can make up any paragraph you want.

    ? Title
    ? Headings of three different sizes
    ? Two instances of bold
    ? Two instances of italics
    ? Two instances of a horizontal rule
    ? One list: ordered, un-ordered, or definition
    ? Two paragraphs of text related to course content
    ? Two attributes applied to an HTML element, such as alignment and/or color.

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    This solution demonstrates several common and basic HTML formatting tags.