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    Functions of Operating Systems

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    What is the the most critical or useful function provided by an operating system?

    Why is memory management an important aspect of an Operating system?

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    Operating Systems


    1. What is the most critical or useful function provided by an operating system?


    The most critical function provided by an Operating system is resource management.

    The Operating system does resource management by managing different processes. As a resource manager it also does process management and memory management. At the same time the operating system also acts an interface between the user and the hardware. The Operating system runs in kernel mode, while compilers and editors run in user mode.

    The function of operating system is to provide the user with an extended machine that is easier to deal than the underlying hardware. Resource management includes both time multiplexing and space multiplexing.

    Operating Systems have dual view and as far as the question of conflict is concerned, it depends on the viewpoint from which we try to look. From the resource manager's perspective, ...

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    This solution describes the most important function of an operating system. It also explains in brief the importance of memory management function of an operating system.