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Matlab codes

Simple matlab questions need solved, given step by step answers as how the code flows, works, etc to get the answers.

1) Which is the correct matlab logical expression to check whether the value of x is between -10 and 10 (inclusive)?

a) -10 <= x <=10
b) -10<= x, X <= 10
c) x>=-10 & X<=10
d) x>=-10| x<=10
e) none

10) Assuming that x is a vector that allready exists, what is the value of y after the following code is executed?

y = x(1);
for k=2:length(x)
if x(k) >y

a) the last element in x
b) the first elemtn in x
c) the max element in x
d) the min element in x
e) none

13) add one or two statements to complete the following code that implements question 12 using vectors instead of a loop.


14) Which of the following is the corect code to determine y=1 + 1/x+1/x^2+1/x^3..+1/x^N until the last term is less than 10^-8, using x=1.5

and is c) but why?? x=1.5; k=0; y=o; term=1/(x^k); while term >= 1e-8; y=y+term

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1) c is correct. A small problem to test it.
x=input('please type x:');

10) c is correct.
x=[1 2 3 4 6 5 10];
>> y = x(1);
for k=2:length(x)

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