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Erase all occurrences of a target in linked list

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Extend the function eraseValue() to erase all occurrences of "target" in the linked list.

template < typename T >
void eraseAll (node * & front, const T& target);

This is the implementation of eraseValue() that must be modified.

node< T > *curr = front, *prev = NULL;
bool foundItem = false;

while (curr != NULL && !foundItem )
if (curr->nodeValue == target)
if (prev == NULL)
front = front -> next;
prev->next = curr-> next;
delete curr;
foundItem = true;
prev = curr;
curr = curr-> next;

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To erase all occurences of "target" in the linked list, you need to make following modifications to the given code.

1. Change "while (curr != NULL && !foundItem )" to "while (curr != NULL)" so that entire linked list is scanned for target value, rather than just stopping after finding first ...

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The solution first mentions what needs to be modified in eraseValue function to extend it to eraseAll function, and then gives the code for eraseAll function.

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