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    Important Programming Practices on Java Code

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    I need assistance in commenting on the enclosed code, consider things like code layout, use of variable names, general readability and understandability.

    The enclosed program suppose to Implement a class called ShortAddress that has the following attributes: firstName, secondName, and phoneNumber. Also, implement a class called FullAddress that inherits the above attributes while adding the attributes (int) houseNumber (simply 1, 2, ... etc. - i.e. no 1a or 3b's allowed), street1Name, street2Name and cityName. We are not suppose to forget to use the keyword super in the constructor. The application class to allow the user to input an address details and then give the user the choice of viewing the short address details or the long address details. This means the final answer should have a minimum of 3 classes for the application - We may use more if we are including utility classes. Further we are suppose to use Use exception handling to make the program robust.

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    In general it is a good software programming practice to follow variable naming conventions. For example, include abbreviated form of variable type as prefix.

    Also, it is ...

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    Discusses how to consider important programming aspects including code layout, use of variable names, general readability and understandability using example Java Code.