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Attributes and Methods for Objects in Java

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I am having problems identifing the appropriate class names, attributes and methods for the following objects. I need at least 3 attributes and 3 methods for each class.


For Example:

Class Name


setStudentID(ssn, fname);

I have part of it done but im not sure where to go from there.

public class Student {

// methods
public void setName(String name){}
public void getStudentName(){}
public void setTotalStudentCount(){}
public void getTotalStudentCount(){}
public void setSS(String ssn){}
public void getSS(){}

// attrs
String name;
String ssn;
String studentMajor;

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Yes, the relationship between the four objects are very complicated. However, there's something we should remember, students choose teacher, students take course, teachers add student, teachers teach courses, courses have info of students and teachers, major has info of students.
<br>class Student {
<br> protected Faculty[] advisor;
<br> private Course[] classes;
<br> protected String name;
<br> protected String ssn;
<br> protected String major;
<br> private int numberClasses;
<br> public String GetName()
<br> public String GetSSN()
<br> public String GetMajor()
<br> public String GetNumofClasses()
<br> public void setAdvisor(Faculty ...

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