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Abstract Classes of Fish

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Create an abstract class called Aqualife.
Aqualife has the following attributes:

Aqualife defines 2 abstract methods called eats() and procreates().
A third concrete method called breathes() displays that 'These creatures breathe from gills.'
Create subclasses of Aqualife:

Fish has an attribute which stores whether the fish is an herbivore or a carnivore. Its eats method checks whether herbivore or carnivore, and prints 'This fish eats veggies' for herbivores and 'This fish eats other fish' for carnivores. Its procreates method prints 'Fish lay eggs'.
Whale has an attribute that specifies whether the whale is a blue whale or a killer whale. If the whale is a blue whale, it eats veggies, if it is a killer whale it eats meat. Its procreates method prints that whales are mammals. It overrides the breathes method from the parent class. This method must print 'These mammals breathe above water'.

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Solution Summary

The expert determines the abstract classes of fish as carnivores or herbivores.

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