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3 Questions on Java !!! public variable or bean-style access

Suppose that you need a FullName class, which will contain a person's first name and last name. There are two different ways of implementing this.

A. The public variable version:

class FullName
public String first;
public String last;

B. The bean-style accessor version:

class FullName
private String first;
private String last;

public String getFirst() { return first; }
public void setFirst(String s) { first = s; }

public String getLast() { return last; }
public void setLast(String s) { last = s; }


1. What are the benefits of using the public variable version?

2. What are the benefits of using the bean-style accessor version?

3. Add a constructor to your preferred version, that takes two String parameters and initializes first and last.

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