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    Writing Java program from scratch

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    Program reads info about students and their scores from a file and output the name of each student w/all his/her scores and the total score, plus the average score of the class, and the name and total score of the students with the highest and lowest total score.
    4 files are provided:
    SavitchIn.java - contains simple input library
    FileIOHelper.class - contains a class for simple file input
    Sutdent.class - class for student records
    info.txt - sample input file
    Program performs following actions: 1.Ask the user to enter the name of a file containing information about student scores and input the file name 2.Input the student info from the file and store it in an appropriate array of Student objects 3.Output in a well formatted table the name, individual scores, and total score for each student 4.Output the number of students in the class, the average total score, and the maximum and minimum total score in the class
    The input file will contain info about student scores in the following format:
    <number of students>
    <student name>
    <score 1>
    <score 2>
    <score 3>
    <student name> . . .
    The first line <number of students> must contain the number of students in the input file, <student name> is a string representing a student name, and <score 1>, <score 2>, <score 3> are integers representing the 3 student scores. Solution must work with an input file following this format but with an arbitrary number of student records.

    Sample interaction b/t a user and the program:

    Enter file name: info.txt

    Name Score1 Score2 Score3 Total
    Andy Smith 200 250 400 850
    Jake Wise 120 220 330 670
    The total number of students in this class is: 2
    The average total score of the class is: 760
    Andy Smith got the maximum total score of: 850
    Jake Wise got the minimum total score of: 670

    The FileIOHelper class provides 2 class methods:
    1.int FileIOHelper.getNumberofStudents(String fileName): takes a String parameter which is the name of an input file in the format described above, and returns the number of students in the file
    2.Student FileIOHelper.getNextStudent(): takes no parameters, inputs the name and scores for the next student in the input file, and returns a Student object w/the corresponding value.

    A Student object has a name (String) and 3 scores (integers). The Student class provides the following (instance) methods to manipulate Student objects:
    1.Student(String name), a constructor: takes a String parameter, the name, and creates a Student object w/the given name and 0 for all the scores
    2.String std.getName(): returns the name of student std
    3.int std.getScore1(): returns the first score for student std
    4.int std.getScore2(): returns the second score for student std [continued for 3rd score]
    5.void std.setScore1(int score): takes an integer score, and sets the first score for student std
    6.void std.setScore2(int score): takes and integer score and sets the 2nd score for student.std [continues for 3rd]

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