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    Information Systems Importance

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    What is an information system and why are they important? Can u please give me some examples. I am totally clueless on this subject. Is it possible to use information technology to gain a competitive advantage? Can u give me some examples of how to do this? Thanks.

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    Q: What is an information system???

    First of all it is necessary to consider what is 'a system'?

    A system consists of a number of parts, components and resources, working together to achieve a goal within an environment. The components or resources can be people or objects. There are inputs to the system and outputs from the system, the components control the system and resources and convert the inputs into the outputs.

    A simple example of 'a system':

    As an example take a DJ working at parties in your local area. The party is the environment that surrounds the music system the DJ operates and takes from party to party. The system consists of the following parts: the resources, the collection of CD's and tapes; the components are the music equipment used to play them and the DJ Who operates the equipment. The inputs to the system are the music requests from the people at the party. The output from the system is the music that the partygoers will listen to. The goal of the system is to provide music for the party.

    A Computer information system

    An information system or computer information system consists of computer hardware and software, personnel who operate and use the system, data (inputs to the system) that is processed into information (outputs from the system) and the procedures used by the personnel to direct the processing within the system as seen in Figure 1. A computer information system is usually implemented to process data into high quality information that is used to solve problems and make decisions. Also computer information system operates within an environment or context that provides the sources of the inputs and the destinations to which the outputs are sent. There is a communication boundary between the environment and the information system through which the inputs and outputs pass.

    Figure 1.1 The Parts of an Information System

    Data is an unorganized collection of facts with little or no meaning or use, such as an ...

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