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Minnesota Consulting Group: Researching Issues

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Assume you are Dave Baker, the Senior System Administrator from Minnesota Consulting Group (MCG). The company with which MCG has an ongoing contract wishes to have some basic TCP/IP concepts explained to senior decision-makers, so they can effectively forecast the need for new equipment. You are to research and comment on the following issues:

Explain the difference between routing and switching, including the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Determine one protocol which works at the OSI Layer 2, and describe in detail how it works.
Determine one protocol which works at the OSI Layer 3, and describe in detail how it works.

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Routing connects multiple networks together using an IP address which is Layer 3. Once the data packet reaches the last router it takes away the network information in the header and is left with the Layer 2 information which may or may not contain the local address which is on the Mac Address. Having a switch reduces collisions because it sends the datagram, which was the packet, to the proper port. The router is already being taxed because of all the packets it ...

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