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    Please help get me going with the following debate: I have to argue to keep Carolcon Metals in Minnesota.


    Carolcon Metals in Minnesota is in trouble. For the past 5 years, they have been losing ground to the competition in an especially fierce industry. All competitors have moved mining and production facilities to countries with lower wages and fewer environmental and safety restrictions. Carolcon has been a stable employer for three generations in the town, and its 700 employees are one-tenth the population of 7,000 people.

    However, it is faced with a sobering choice: move the mining and production facilities overseas or face greater loss of market share. The company probably will not go out of business because they manufacture a unique and patented product, but they will continue to lose profits.

    The Biron Islands are a small chain of islands in the Caribbean. They have been an independent nation for 130 years. They are hoping Carolcon will consider opening a mining and production facility on Greentag, the largest and poorest island. Greentag has abundant supplies of the natural resources Carolcon Metals seeks. Also, it has an eager work force. Currently, there is 50% unemployment on Greentag, so the people there are desperate for an employer to provide wages to stem the tide of starvation and lack of medical care.

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    This is an interesting debate, as President Obama is interested in keeping the mining in the United States.


    I have been researching this topic and located some information that is applicable, but it is a difficult argument to make, because businesses need to make money in order to stay in business.

    Let's take a closer look.

    The main stakeholders are: the company, the employees (lose their jobs), the investors. However others are also impacted by this decision that need to be considered.

    The first argument would be the loss of employee jobs and the direct impact on them and their families. However, the 700 jobs comprise a large percentage of the community (10%).

    This leads to another argument to keep Carolcon ...

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    Based on the case, this solution assists with the following debate: to argue to keep Carolcon Metals in Minnesota.