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    Creating a Flyer with Word Processing

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    FLYER #1:

    Purpose: To demonstrate the ability to modify an announcement by formatting, importing, and scaling a graphic from clip art, spell checking, saving, and printing.

    Problem: You are the Coach for the West Branch Community Center and you are setting up a Volleyball School in the fall. You create an announcement using your word processing skills.

    Instructions: After starting Word, use the guidelines listed below to create and modify the announcement.

    Perform the following tasks:

    1. Insert a volleyball graphic/clip art at the top of the page. Make sure you center it.
    2. Format all the Text to BatangChe, size 10
    3. Center the 2 Title lines. Use font size 26.
    4. Center the 3rd title line, bold it and use font size 12.
    5. Create a space after the 3rd title line. Insert a table (Hint: use Insert tab ? Table). Create it with 5 Columns and 6 Rows.
    a. Center, Bold and Underline the 1st row (Passing cycle...)
    b. Center all the other rows.
    6. Insert a space after the table. Bold (up to the colon) the line beginning with Grades 9th-12th
    7. Bold (up to the colon) the line beginning with: Grades 6th-8th
    8. Insert a space before the line that begins with: Investment... and a space before the line that begins with: You don't...
    9. Center the lines that begin with: You don't.... and (Pay.....
    10. Bold the line that begins with (Pay.....
    11. Insert a space and center the line that begins with: Philosophy...
    a. Change the font to MS PGothic, size 20
    b. Bold the line
    12. Add a space before, center and underline the Line that begins with: The first.....
    13. Center the last line directly under: The first......

    Volleyball School for the
    Where: West Branch Community Center (on Sawyer International Airport)

    Passing cycle Hitting cycle Blocking cycle Setting cycle Serving cycle
    Sept. 6 Sept. 24 Oct. 11 Oct. 25 Nov. 12
    Sept. 10 Sept. 27 Oct. 15 Nov. 1 Nov. 15
    Sept. 13 Oct. 1 Oct. 18 Nov. 5 -
    Sept. 17 Oct. 4 Oct. 22 Nov. 8 -
    Sept. 20 Oct. 8 - - -

    Grades 9-12th Times: Wednesdays 6-8pm and Sundays 12-2pm
    Grades 6-8th Times: Sundays 12-2pm
    Investment: $20 per day (Cost for entire cycle; multiple days in cycle X $20)
    example Serving Cycle: $20 x 2 = $40
    You don't have to attend all days in the cycle, but it is better for skill development if you do!
    (Pay either for the full session or as you go but you must pay a $40 deposit when you send in registration)
    Philosophy - Improve individual techniques in ALL SKILLS
    The first 20 applicants will be accepted. No walk-ins, please

    FLYER #2:

    Purpose: To demonstrate the ability to create a flyer by formatting, importing, and scaling a graphic from clip art, spell checking, and saving.

    Problem: You are the events coordinator for your company and you in charge of setting up the annual Thanksgiving Celebration.. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, Nov 22, but your co-workers will be with their families on this day. Create a dinner or lunch to celebrate this event with your co-workers

    ? Be sure to include graphics, activities, food...
    ? The flyer must fit on one page (8.5 x 11 in)
    ? The flyer must not look like the previous one you just created
    ? USE your creativity

    SAVE the flyer as: yourname_ wrd2.

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