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Three Trade Secrets

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Describe at least three trade secrets that might exist in a website. You won't develop a website, but speculate every aspect of your trade secrets.

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Trade secrets that exists in websites

1. Design

? Overall design must be appealing and matches customer's expectations.

? User simple navigation

? Helpful and useful information

? Good quality content and images

? Ensure site complies with HTML standards

? Make Use of CSS and ensure the CSS Is Compliant

? Validate the HTML & CSS of your site

? Provide a search facility for the web site if possible

? Ensure the 404 error page is tailored

? The use of imagery must not be overlooked, for example it is important to warm up
those tones, sunglasses polarized and outdoor portraits that shine.

2. Understanding what the technology is capable of helps to make the best technological

It is important to have a reasonably fast loading web site so that viewers are ...

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This job examines three trade secrets.

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