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    difficult troubleshooting problem

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    Think about the most difficult troubleshooting problem you've encountered in your recent experience- one where the solutions was not straightforward and where the problem was into a simple request for information. The problem you pick might be one your experienced personally, one your encountered at work or while serving as a lab helper, or one you encountered while helping a friends. Write a description of the troubleshooting event that answers the following questions:

    1. What troubleshooting tools, methods, and strategies did you use? Describe them using the concepts in this chapter.

    2. What subsystems were involved in the problem?

    3. What communications tools, information resources, and problem analysis/diagnosis tools did you use?

    4. Were the troubleshooting methods you used effective? Why or why not?

    5. How could you have improved the effectiveness of your troubleshooting strategy?

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    A difficult troubleshooting problem is examined.