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Determining the fuel efficiency of an automobile

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Your summer vacation involved traveling through several states to visit relatives and to view the scenic attractions. While traveling, you kept a travel log of mileage and gasoline purchases. Now that the vacation is over, you want to determine the fuel efficiency of your automobile. The partially completed worksheet includes the beginning mileage for the vacation trips and the amount of fuel purchased.

a. Open the e01m1fuel workbook and save the workbook as e01m1fuel_RobinSquires so that you can return to the original workbook if necessary.
b. Insert a new column between columns B and C, and then type Miles Driven as the column heading.
c. Select the range of beginning miles in cells A5:A12. Copy the selected range to duplicate the values in cells B4:B11 to ensure that the ending mileage for one trip is identical to the beginning mileage for the next trip.
d. Create the formula to calculate the miles driven for the first trip. Copy the formula down the Miles Driven column.
e. Create the formula to calculate the miles driven for the first trip. Copy the formula down the Miles Per Gallon column.
f. Merge and center the title over the over the data columns. Apply bold, 16pt size and Blue, Accent 1 font color.
g. Format the column headings: bold, centered, wrapped text, and Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 80% fill color.
h. Apply Comma Style to the values in the Beginning and Ending columns, and then display these values as a whole numbers. Display the values in the Miles Per Gallon column with two decimal places.
i. Delete Sheet2 and Sheet3. Rename Sheet1 as Mileage.
j. Set these page settings: 2" top margin, centered horizontally, 125% scaling.
k. Insert a header with your name (Robin Squires) on the left side, the sheet name code in the center, and the file name code on the right side.
l. Save and close the workbook.

• Step K - Enter the Make/Model of your car in the center of the header instead of the "sheet name code".

• Step K - Enter the current mileage of your car on the right side of the header instead of the "file name code".

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Solution Summary

The fuel efficiency of an automobiles are determined. New columns between columns B and C are given.

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